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of ams am -- ambassador chris stevens here is how he wrapped up his resolve. >> obama: no act of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation. alter that character or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for. >> bill: right. so the idea that then these republicans -- i understand the romney campaign because you know, they were so embarrassed by this whole thing because mitt romney made a fool of himself. i understand but for the media to give it any credence whatsoever, for the media to report on it, as abc news and cbs did last night and i'm sorry -- i saw cbs and nbc. i don't know what abc did. they probably did the same thing they are irresponsible. totally, totally irresponsible. the fact that president obama did not say the words peter what happened yesterday in benghazi was an act of terror. i mean do you have to say those specific words in order to get credit for calling it an act of terror? no! come on! let's not parse every single word. we're not third graders. again, i understan
was still underway, when we did not know where chris stevens was ambassador chris stevens and certainly did not know he'd been killed and romney was already accusing the president of making a partisan political attack against the president for being responsible for this attack. president obama i thought one of the strongest moments last night, two first he took full responsibility. >> yes. >> bill: this idea that he's trying to throw hillary under the bus, he said i'm the commander-in-chief, the buck stops here. >> right. >> bill: then he turned to mitt and said the idea that you accused me, here. >> the suggestion that anybody on my team, whether the secretary of state our u.n. ambassador, anybody on my team would play politics or mislead when we've lost four of our own governor is offensive. that's not what we do. >> it is offensive it's deeply offensive. he called it exactly like it is. just think back to the 9/11 attack of 2001. also an intelligence failure also where the president ignored signs, but we weren't prepared for that. what was his response to the democratic party the? you sa
primary. [ laughter ] >> you got it. >> caller: we were there with steven colbert and herman cain. >> that's right. >> bill: larry is in rochester, new york. we're talking about pbs, what do you say, larry? >> caller: i think the whole thing is ridiculous. my grandchildren watch pbs and big bird. and i had some new neighbors move in, and when they first moved in they could talk no english, they watch sesame street all the time and their english has now become excellent. you can understand them with no problem. >> bill: you can say that about millions and millions of american kids, not just immigrants, right in they learn their numbers, letters, learn concepts, right? and it's -- it's fun to watch, but it's an educational program. right? >> caller: yeah, the mother's english is very poor, even she is learning from the kids by watching pbs. >> bill: there you go. i think the bottom line is, larry that is this just something that mitt romney is not interested in. he never met a tax cut he didn't like, and never met a piece of military hardware that the didn't
is going to go all out and double down on exploiting the tragic death of ambassador stevens to make the president look terrible at foreign policy despite his successful record of it. do you think that's a game changer for mitt romney? can he use this tragedy to try to make the president an object of scorn? >> well, first of all the tricky thing there is that there is a debate that's on foreign policy. the last of the three debates they'll have. so he has two debates in between now and then that are going to be mostly focused on the economy and their domestic issues. that being said, there is a potential it would seem to make some hay out of the administration's changing story or at least incomplete story that they have given along the way about what happened in benghazi, whether it was a terrorist attack, whether it was something that could have been prevented. is it something that was bumbled at some point either in the -- the ways that it could have been stopped or what was going on afterwards. those are things that ther
knew that chris stevens had been killed, mitt romney was out there attacking president obama on this issue making a political attack against the president on this issue so that is disgusting. it is despicable. i even think it is close to if not in fact, treason. second point is they say that boy, there was a recommendation by a state department official that we keep the marine guards on duty and not let this extra contingent of marines leave libya. that happens to be true and mama rein contingent was protecting in tripoli not benghazi. even if and maybe they should have even if the state department had agreed to leave those extra marines there, they would not have been in benghazi. the man who made the charge admitted in testimony on the hill last week that even if they had built a great big wall around that embassy in benghazi, it would not have helped, it would not have prevented this kind of attack and those marines would not have been there, they would have been in tripoli. this idea that they ignored a plea to keep some more people on the scene is just simply dead wrong.
. >> bill: seen steven colbert said it was a statement about benghazi, the morning after benghazi. we knew what he was talking about. that appearance of the president was called so that he could put out, you know, he could speak to what had happened the day before. there was no doubt about it. that's why we were there. i watched the secret service pull the vans up after that little statement he went back in the oval office with the secretary of state and they were leaving to go to the state department so he could address the state department employees the same day. to say that he was talking about oklahoma city, or september 11, 2001 is just ridiculous. >> why do you think the administration has said different things on this? was it that one part of the government wasn't talking to another, putting susan rice out on the sunday show? >> bill: fog of war. as has been reported, people on the ground in libya at the embassy told reporters who shoulder up that they were there because of anger over this video. >> yes that was reported in the new york times. >> bill: and intelligence, the original
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6

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